Public Outreach

Sharing our knowledge of the cosmos has always been the core principle of the San Antonio Astronomical Association. Many of our members are avid astronomers and are very enthusiastic about the hobby. Each year we hold several public observing sessions to help you learn more.

You do not need to be a member of the club or own any astronomical equipment to attend. All you need is an interest in the wonders of the Universe.

Preparation for these observing session begins at home.

  • Dress appropriately for the time of year! Mild winter days can become very cold winter nights.
  • If bringing a flashlight please cover it with red cellophane (darker the better).
  • Bring beverages to keep hydrated.
  • Plan on staying the entire evening or as long as the weather allows.
  • Please dim your vehicles headlights when arriving and departing.

Star Party Rules

Feel free to walk around and enjoy the sights through the equipment on display.

  • Please ask the owner before touching or using it.
  • Please control children around expensive astronomical equipment.
  • Remember, telescope mirrors are sensitive to cigarette smoke and bug spray.
  • Pets should not be brought onto the observing field.
  • Only red light should be used, so please keep white light including flashes on phones to a minimum.

Please check our website or Facebook page for updates prior to leaving for the event. If it’s cancelled, we will post a message.

Club members will begin to arrive just prior to darkness. If you would like to have the San Antonio Astronomical Association visit your organization or school, contact our Public Programs Coordinator, Danielle Rappaport, or fill out our online request form.