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  • All memberships are for one year, except Lifetime Membership.
  • Individual Members will receive the monthly newsletter, have voting privileges, can hold office, and have access to our observing site.
  • Student Members have all the benefits and rights of an individual member, but must be currently enrolled in a public, private, home school, community college, or university.
  • Family Memberships cover up to four people living at the same address for the same price, additional family members may be added for other household members at an additional fee per family member [Under 18 - $5.00 (USD), 18+ - $10.00 (USD)] and carries the same benefits and rights as the individual membership.
  • Lifetime Members are members for their lifetime and they have all the benefits and rights of an individual member. Membership fees and subscription rates are subject to change without notice.

In applying for membership in the San Antonio Astronomical Association, I agree to abide by the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws. I also agree to abide by all rules and laws, Association and civil, while at the SAAA Observing Site and at any Association sanctioned or sponsored events.

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