Welcome to the San Antonio Astronomical Association

The San Antonio Astronomical Association came into being in 1974 to promote the study of astronomy and related sciences, to pursue observation, and construction of instruments as a hobby. Membership is open to anyone having an interest in astronomy and related subjects and includes benefits such as access to our three members-only monthly star parties, our monthly newsletter, discounted subscriptions to the top astronomy magazines, access to our dark sky observing site and much more. Our annual membership dues are very reasonable and can be paid online using PayPal on our join the SAAA page. Membership is open to anyone having an interest in Astronomy and the night sky. Learn more about the SAAA

SAAA in Action

We invite you to further explore our website for more information and hope you consider becoming a member of our Association. SAAA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, donations made to the SAAA would be tax deductible for U.S. taxpayers under IRS rules. Donations may be given by at our donations page.

Thank you for your gracious support of the San Antonio Astronomical Association.


Astronomy in the Park

Come on out to Astronomy in the Park. See some stars. See five planets. See the Galilean Moons. See the Rings of Saturn. See the “canals” of Mars. Get Mooned by the Moon.

Astronomy in the Park, presented by the San Antonio Astronomical Association, is the longest running public star party in the San Antonio Metro area.

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SAAA General Meeting and Lecture

SAAA encourages the public to join our general meetings held on the second Friday of the month at Christ Lutheran Church of Alamo Heights. This month we will be discussing archeoastronomy. This meeting is free and open to the public.

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Distance Learning

Are you yearning to expand your astronomy horizons?  Visit the San Antonio Astronomical Association’s Distance Learning page at our Learning Center.  There you will find a list of free astronomy courses in a variety of topics with a range of difficulty.  We even have compiled a list of resources for homeschooling.

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  • SAAA Recurring Star Parties

    Members-Only Events

    The SAAA holds 3 regular monthly Members-Only Star Parties where our members get together to observe and educate about the night sky. Come join us to look at planets, stars, and other celestial wonders. The monthly Star Party schedule is as follows:

    • Skywatching Night: Interim Observing Site in the Texas Hill Country, 20 miles west of Kerrville; Held on the Saturday Night closest to New Moon
    • Bark at the Moon: Falcone Park off of Bandera Road; Held on the Saturday evening closest to First Quarter Moon
    • Solar Saturday: UTSA Parking Lot 13; Held on the Saturday afternoon closest to Full Moon

    At Members-Only Events, participation is limited to SAAA members and their invited guests.

    Public Events

    The SAAA also holds a weekly Public Star Party at Raymond Rimkus Park, where our members share the wonders of the night sky with our guests. Astronomy in the Park is held every Wednesday evening from 1900 to 2230, weather permitting, in the parking lot at Raymond Rimkus Park, 6440 Evers Rd, Leon Valley Texas, 78240, weather permitting. [Map]. Astronomy in the Park is free and open to the public.

    For more information about SAAA public observing please visit our Public Programs page. Our full schedule of activities is on our calendar. Please come out and join us or volunteer at one of our events.

  • Member Resources

    Visit the members’ groups to discuss astronomy related topics with fellow SAAA members.

    Visit the Members Only section for access to:

    • SAAA Constitution
    • SAAA By-Laws
    • Order a custom SAAA member badge online
    • The Current Month’s Philastropher
    • Past presentations by speakers
  • Special Interest Groups

    • Observing SIG

      Astronomy, in the purest sense, begins with putting your eye to the eyepiece and observing. The Observing SIG provides SAAA  members with the encouragement, skills and support needed to complete observing projects of all kinds.

      Observing SIG activities can be as simple as participating in a star party, learning what to look for and how to find objects in the night sky as well as helpful hints, starting an observing list, logging observations, observing accessories, etc.Check the SAAA Event Calendar and / or the Observing SIG Discussion Group for the next meeting or event.

    • Astronomical Do It Yourself SIG

      The Astronomical DIY SIG is where members can explore the design, construction and adjustment of both do it yourself and professionally built telescopes. Anyone interested in building their first scope will find this group a big help in finding the best place to start. You don’t need to have a well equipped workshop, just a few simple tools and an interest in building or modifying it yourself. The ADIY SIG is a wonderful place to see projects built locally by SAAA members and to share new ideas for the future!


    • Lunar Observing SIG

      If the Moon affects you, then the Lunatics Club is for you  The Lunatics Club is our our lunar observing SIG.  If you live in the light polluted city then don’t worry there are still plenty of sights to see on the moon. This group is a place to discuss viewing the moon and also to plan star parties where the moon is the primary target of interest. This will also be a place to help each other complete the Astronomy League’s Lunar Programs:

      Lunar I


      Lunar II