Telescope Etiquette

We all want to have a great time at your school star party! Please follow these simple rules that keep things fun for everybody.

  • No running or playing around the telescopes. It’s dark, and someone might get hurt or damage the telescopes.
    Try not to kick up dirt. The dust and sand can be harmful to telescope optics
  • Ask before you touch a telescope. They move very easily. These scopes are the personal property of the astronomer, and many were handmade. Let’s be extra careful with them
  • No food or drink around the telescopes. Accidents happen. Let’s not take any chances
  • No white lights around the telescopes after dark. We always cover our lights in red to make them “night vision friendly”
  • Give yourself time at the eyepiece. Your eye needs a few seconds to get used to looking through the scope. Your view of detail will improve after just 5 seconds
  • If you don’t see anything, don’t be afraid to say something. Sometimes the scope gets bumped or the object may drift out of view. If you can’t see, speak up! We really want you to enjoy the show
  • Ask questions! Astronomers love to answer questions
  • Don’t stand in front of a telescope. You’d be surprised how many people do
  • Be sure to look through each scope. When will you get a chance to do this again? Enjoy!
  • The astronomers with you at this event are all volunteers, sharing their free time for your enjoyment. Be sure to thank them!