You know you’re a Deep Sky person when…

  1. … you consider the moon a major annoyance.
  2. … you consider Jupiter ‘light pollution’.
  3. … you spend most of your time looking at or for objects you can barely see.
  4. … your favorite objects are objects you can barely see.
  5. … you enjoy looking at faint fuzzies with the smallest possible aperture.
  6. … you enjoy looking at faint fuzzies with the largest possible aperture.
  7. … you like to choose objects that are easier to imagine than to see.
  8. … your observing schedule demands that you search for objects in twilight.
  9. … You welcome, and have even considered instigating, power outages, but only if they occur on clear moonless nights.
  10. … you remove the LED on your drive control panel, because THAT ruins your dark adaptation!
  11. … you actually know how to USE setting circles
  12. …you consider the milky way ‘light pollution’
  13. …you actually use ‘Uranometria’, and can quote page numbers
  14. …you frequently disagree with Burnhams, and have seriously considered publishing your own “observer’s guide”
  15. …you see absolutely no value in using a Telrad
  16. …your principal finder scope is larger than 80mm
  17. …you consider 15 minutes to be a ‘quick’ exposure
  18. …you see more DSOs on your laptop screen during an evenings’ observing session than you do through the eyepiece
  19. …you have seriously considered starting up your own anti-satellite lobby
  20. …’What meteor? Was it that good? Shucks, I missed it again’
  21. …you consider meteors ‘light pollution’
  22. …you think that daytime running lights are some kind of conspracy.
  23. …you can make ten trips lugging equipment back and forth across a cow pasture without stepping on a single cow pie, using only the illumination of that garishly bright Milky Way to guide you.
  24. …you consider the HII regions of distant galaxies as individual observing targets.
  25. …you wear sun screen during full moon periods
  26. …you wear sun glasses during full moon periods
  27. …you’re caught by the police climbing light poles at night trying to “unscrew” the bulbs.
  28. …you keep thinking that if only the stars would go away, it might really get dark.
  29. …you wonder how your favorite objects missed getting included,in the New General Catalog or the Index Catalog.
  30. …you’re not sure that anything in this solar system counts as astronomy any more.
  31. …you’re amazed that anyone needs artificial light to read charts.
  32. …you could do a Messier Marathon from memory, if you still bothered with Messier objects.
  33. …you can read all the NGC abbreviated visual descriptions without using the key, but you have to be careful not to cheat by just remembering what things look like.
  34. …you view a major earthquake as an opportunity for a close-in dark-sky star party.
  35. …you believe M13 ruined your dark adaptation
  36. …you observe M42 at the end of the sessions because it does ruin dark adaptation!
  37. …your choice of a new vehicle is determined by the size of your scope.
  38. …you plan your vacation around the Winter and Texas Star parties.
  39. …you find auroras a complete anoyance because they ruin sky contrast and dark adaptation.
  40. …your ideal telescope would be immovable.
  41. …you take deep-sky pictures during a total eclipse of the moon.
  42. …you complain about severe light pollution when the limiting magnitude is “only” 6.5.
  43. …you wear an eyepatch during the viewing session.
  44. …you paint the LED’s on your equipment with red fingernail polish so that they are dimmer.
  45. …you always set your scope up so that you can’t move your car until daylight.
  46. …you bring a gallon of coffee, or a 12 pack of Coca-Cola, to the viewing session. If the caffine doesn’t keep you awake the urge to “go” does.
  47. …you think that nightlights are a nuiscance.
  48. …you complain you can’t really see the faint stuff because the Gegenschein is too bright.
  49. …you begin to realize that even the deepest red flash light is affecting your vision.
  50. …you plan to get your glasses fully multi-coated or get new ones made of ED glass.
  51. …you ask your eye doctor if it is possible to get your contact lenses fully multi-coated.
  52. …you use an infrared flashlight.