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Introducing the All-New Revolutionary

Mega Wide-Angle Averting Eyepiece

See Details Like Never Before!

Our Patented 14 element design automatically directs 75% of the image to your Peripheral Vision!


181mm Wide Angle lens with a 250° Apparent Field!! Makes you feel like you’re looking behind your back! Use it in your finderscope and see the entire sky!!

Threaded for standard 1.25″ filters. Buy now and receive, free of charge, our all-new averted imagination filter! (Please specify which object you would like to imagine you are seeing.)

MEGA Wide-Angle Averting Eyepiece

Enormous 2000mm Eye Relief! Lets you observe while seated comfortably in
your lawn chair 7 feet away from your scope!

Superb color correction (previously available only in 50mm department-store
telescopes). Brings out colors that don’t even show up in photographs!


** ONLY $19.95 OBO **
(plus $250 shipping and handling fee)




New! The Auto-GOTO!

Fed up with that tiresome drive to your favorite Dark Site? Concerned about falling asleep while driving home? You need this amazing labor-saving accessory:
— Auto-GOTO —for your car!

Auto GoTo

After simple installation in your automobile, Auto-GOTO will automatically pilot your vehicle to a dark-sky observing site, and back home when your observing session is through! Program in your own site, use the ‘Search’ function to locate one for you, or use the ‘Random’ key to be taken on a tour of sites across the continental U.S.!
Order yours today!



The Ultimate APO

Jealous of your friends when they’re showing off their expensive apochromatic refractors? You now can outshine them! DimaTech Optics introduces the Dimatech Super Apo which feature a corrector lens made from manmade diamond crystal! That’s right; we’ve harnessed the superb high-refractive index of pure diamond to give unmatched color correction.
50mm models start at just $18,000.

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