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Ask yourself, “Why should I join an astronomy club?”

Saturn Night Live at the Scobee Planetarium
Saturn Night Live at the Scobee Planetarium

Is it to learn the night sky?

Look through different telescopes?

Finding out the latest information about the Universe?

Stargaze with fellow astronomers?

The SAAA can give you this and much more.

The SAAA is an observers club. Every night, that the skies are clear, someone in the SAAA is observing from their favorite observing site or posting an observation on one of our three discussion groups.

The San Antonio Astronomical Association is group of amateur and professional astronomers that share a mutual interest in astronomy. The benefits of joining the San Antonio Astronomical Association are many, such as monthly meetings, sharing knowledge, equipment reviews, help with newly acquired telescopes, member-only monthly star parties, camaraderie of people with similar interests, breaking astronomy news, and so much more.

Some of the benefits of belonging to the San Antonio Astronomical Association include:

  • We have over 150 members who have the same interest: Astronomy. Our members come from every walk of life, from elementary school students, to retirees, to teachers, to professional astronomers.
  • We have access to many different types and sizes of telescopes. There are hundreds of small and medium telescopes and several telescopes with apertures larger that 12 inches. The SAAA itself owns a 14″ Newtonian, a 14″ GPS SCT, a 10″ Dobsonian, an 8″ SCT, a 4.5″ Newtonian, and two Coronado Solar telescopes.
  • We have access to some reasonably dark observing sites. We are working to create agreements with some park authorities to add new sites to those we have available. SAAA Members usually post their intentions on our members only discussion group prior to heading out, so you don’t have to observe alone.
  • Membership in the Astronomical League at reduced cost
  • Invitations to all member-only star parties

  • Discounts on Astro Mags

    Access to i.S.T.A.R. the SAAA’s private social network where, as a member, you can:

    • Post your astro-images
    • Have your own astronomy or science related blog
    • View our document archives
    • Get driving directions to our more commonly used observing sites
    • Chat with fellow members
    • Keep up with the most current astronomy and science related news
    • Get important announcements related to association activities
    • Get text messages related to association activities (you must opt-in to this feature)
    • and much more
  • Personalized SAAA e-mail addresses. SAAA members can get a San Antonio Astronomical Association e-mail address in the format of
  • Receive the monthly Philastropher, our digital newsletter
  • Subscribe to Sky & Telescope at a reduced rate, currently $32.95 per year
  • Subscribe to Astronomy Magazine at a reduced rate, currently $34.00 per year
  • Receive the quarterly Reflector as a member of the Astronomical League
  • CCD imaging, digital camera astrophotography, occultations, solar observing, the Messier marathon, Astronomy Day, a spring picnic, monthly star parties, a fall picnic, a frequently updated website and more!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the San Antonio Astronomical Association, fill out our member application and return with a check or money order for $20.00 to cover one year’s membership dues to:

San Antonio Astronomical Association
P.O. Box 701261
San Antonio, Texas 78270-1261

6 thoughts on “Join the SAAA”

  1. I son lives in san Antonio and he is interested in astronomy. I will be in San Antonio on the first Saturday in march, is there an event I can take him and get maybe have him join and get input on what equipment to get him. 956/784/9777

  2. I recently moved to San Antonio. I have a sct 11 hd with a cgem mount. I am interested in sharing and gaining knowledge. I am heavily involved in computer technology.

  3. I am disabled and need more info about getting to and from club addresses and to make sure events are really going on before I head out or I could be stranded for hours. Could someone please provide me with a phone contact number? I would love to come but wont be able to otherwise! Thanks. Lori

  4. Please anyone interested, either novice or expert, contact me! I have ALL ITEMS TO SELL privately. TV76 on Panoramic Ash Mount, 12.5″ truss Dob (Midnight Telescopes) with MANY accessories sporting a Pegasus Mirror. Many Televue Ethos and Nagler EPs for sale….EVERYTHING MUST GO. I will say this..ALL OF MY EQUIPMENT IS COMPLETELY BLEMISH FREE! Will be moving and selling the house. Serious enquiries ONLY! Will be very negotiable as all must go. Contact Don at 210-238-2627. I am very serious…ALL ITEMS will be sold at a heck of a deal to you…MUST GO.

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