Executive Committee

Position: Officer:
Executive Officer:
President Chuck Baker
Vice-President Scott Logan
Secretary Dwight Jurena
Treasurer Danielle Rappaort
Elected Officer:
Youth Representative Blake Hurlburt
Board of Directors:
Founding Member Adrian New
Director Christine Coco
Director Matthew Rottmann
Director Tina Rottmann
Director Mark Jurena
Director Keith Little
Director JR Strailey
Director Ed Holley
Director Joe Salinas Jr.
Director Robert Stepp
Director Mike Young
Director Yogie Romero
Director Cecilia Schwartzott
Administrative Officers:
Public Programs Coordinator Danielle Rappaort
Webmaster Scott Logan
Newletter Editor Chuck Baker
Marina Baker
Marketing Director Blake Hurlburt
New Member Coordinator Ed Holley
Parliamentarian Mark Jurena
Astronomical League Coorespondent Roy Marsh
Dark Skies Representative Matthew Rottman
Historian Dwight Jurena
Star Party Committee Chairperson Mark Jurena
Observing Program and Field Trip Committee Chairperson Chris Coco
Novice Committee Chairperson Blake Hurlburt
Property Manager Cecilia Schwartzott
Facebook Moderator Scott Logan
Matthew Rottman
Twitter Moderator Scott Logan
Flickr Moderator Matthew Rottman
LinkedIn Moderator Scott Logan
Tumblr Moderator VACANT
Chariman Emeritus:
Chairman Emeritus Dick Mischke
Chairman Emeritus Rick Frankenberger

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“to promote the study of astronomy and related fields and to pursue observation as a hobby”